Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Spend Time

Salam everyone,

Attach here few pics taken last month at PTC (Pantai Teluk Cempedak) and Zoo Kemaman. The important thing is 'time spent' with my beloved brother and nephew.

A journey to Kuantan...hehehe Iman excited with train!  

Enjoy 4hrs bus heroes!

The excited gurl...'seronok naik bas'

Pak Su and Abg Ery...we at PTC!!!

Abi with the children at the beach...having fun!

On the I am, PTC!

 Muslim and Pak Su...what a big smile :D

We're RED ...Zoo Kemaman!

Take 5!!! Next visit...Tenuk @ Tapir

 Steps .... Jambatan Gantung.

 Lion botak over there...maybe the territory here not as wide as savannah

 Orang Utan possing for us...feewiit

 Pak Su approaching 'Along'  the baby elephant

 An Eagle...poor!!!

 Have you seen Ikan Naga? Its really really big!

Now U see...believe it?!

Abi's hand

Hopefully there's an opportunity to spend time together again...miss you, much!

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