Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Birthday Celebration Plan for Ken Wooi

Ken's Birthday Theme: Hollywood
(Guests are requested to dress up with this theme via
an exclusive invitation card with Ken smiling face on it!)

Venue: 5 Stars Hotel
  Date: 31st July 2010
Time: 8.00 p.m - 12 mn. 

Welcome banner at the hotel lobby
Banner Maker

Birthday Decorations and Party Supplies

There's a red carpet to let all of Ken guests feel like a star as they walk in

As Ken's guests enter into the party room, they're make sure to jump right into the Hollywood theme.  At the entrance, Ken's guests given the opportunity to take a photo with the Ken Hollywood Award.

Ken guests are encourage to leave birthday wishes on Ken's personalized Hollywood sign-in board.  This is place by the entrance of Ken party so that all guests have an opportunity to leave their best.
Stars will peel and place around the party.  Ken will allow each guest to write their name on a star, so everyone can be a star!
Popcorn balloons and camera balloons will be hang all around the avenue to create Hollywood atmosphere and bring more color to the party. Another thing to make it perfect, bouquets are placed at the entrance, on tables, and for highlighting areas like the dancefloor.


Hollywood birthday cake for Ken is a must. Then, it's come with Pizza, nice appetizers and sweet desserts. Not forgotten, cocktail drink. One more, big hamburger fot the birthday man.

See, Ken really love hamburger

Games and Entertainment

Ken guests given a personalized camera so they can capture all of the dancing and good times that will happen through the course of  the party. Great entertainment is a key to make sure the success of  Ken's party.

 Ken with his GF... ready on dance floor
Guests will be ask to play party games as Charades based on movie themes, and Name that Movie which will be sure to have the crowd laughing all night long. Everyone wants to be a star and here’s Ken's chance to make it happen.  The winners of  games will be awarded, not only will they be the champions but they will always remember as Ken's Hollywood Birthday Party Icon!

Party Favors

Ken will send his guests home with a sweet treat from his party and a scrumptious milk or dark chocolate candy bar with a personalized Hollywood birthday wrapper as delicious souvenir.
Since Ken already given his guests a personalized camera, he also give them a print frame as well. His guests will not only be able to frame their favorite picture but they will also always think of Ken's party!
I hope Ken will enjoy the glitz and glamour of your birthday party! Remember you're the star! 

Last but not least: As I'm invited as a guest (perasannya....), I'll enjoy the party (makan free katakan...) and keep capture all night party as a 'modal' entry for my blog...wakakaka...

My Birthday Present for Ken: Dell Inspiron 13 laptop + New Girlfriend (Wrapped together...wakakaka hopefully he like it!)

Kayonyo den bagi hadiah ni kat Kenwooi...

Happy Birthday Ken...keep inspire us with ur crazy funny en3s.
     This contest organize by KenWooi Birthday Man

4 Orang Membebel Kat Saya Di sini:

rasp said...

hehehehehe...leh jadik party planner oooo :D

IMAN'S UMI said...

rasp: hahaha..mau botak kepala klu kena plan utk real punya...seb baik sekadar di blog...

Aku Memang BeGiNi said...

hik hik, gilos gilos

IMAN'S UMI said...

AMB: hihi...ko xnk ke gilo samo? Tgk keupayaan merancang ko, menggubah dh ok dah.

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