Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Nilai Sebuah Persahabatan di Matamu

A  few month ago, 1 of my friend (N) got a new job. Then she had moved, but it's not juz that. She had changed. Never reply my SMS, even our friend (Y) called her for a few time but she never answer (Let say if she's busy at that time, she can call back later but...never!). Y told me that she's always backup the N in case our friends asked about N (Did N called you? How is N now?). Y will answer, yes, N called me, sms me, she's fine. But the reality is, N never ever thought about us anymore. We're not in the same status now. For me, I'm sorry N, I'm not gonna backup you anymore. If people ask, then I'll say the truth, "N never call us, SMS us anymore since the day she's moving".

It's so irritating & funny when Takaful Insurance people called us yesterday and told us that u're the one whom giving our number to him. Oh...You never contact us (I thought our numbers was erased from ur phone) but U still keep it for another reason. Don't U think, what should we think about you? Too nice to recommend the insurance scheme? Sorry girl, for the 1st I want to ask U, "Who's giving U permission to spread our number? Can we still considered U as our friend although U juz ignored us for so long? What do U aspect from us?

3 Orang Membebel Kat Saya Di sini:

aku memang begini said...

o i yo ko, meman kau tak bermatao, o i yo ko cinta itu memang buto...itik gembo gembo, aye kedek kedek bila gembo

aku memang begini said...

loh, nak buek gi mana buk, da emang eegitu..nak buek mane, da nasek kito,..nthala, tak larat dah nak back up.huhu, sadis wpun tak sadis

Umi_Iman said...

Gitu, dong...jgn bekap lagi, nti diri sendiri yg merana....

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