Thursday, May 6, 2010

1st Time

Today is the 1st time Iman cried to get back to me (x nk ngan Ibu). Normally when ibu take her, she'll wave to us and smile. But today, she cried and extend her hand to me. Now she loves to follow me everywhere. She'll cried every morning as she's already dressed but me and her Abi still dress up. Cannot wait and become so noise...she loves to see people, especially children.  They make her cheerful, and also cat or bird. Everyone whom met her said, she's a friendly and cheerful girl (I'm proud of that). 

Sometimes, shes a bit naughty, and I'm not let it be. She'll be teach how to behave, never do it again, and ask sorry for that. Although she didn't understand, at least I tried and it's better try than never. As refer to Ustaz Qazem ceramah, it's not parents sinful  if the child still commit a sin as their parent had teach them the right way, it's their sin themselves. What we can do is, pray for their blessing, today and hereafter.

3 Orang Membebel Kat Saya Di sini:

Aku Memang BeGiNi said...

sory la
smlm tak dapt coment ko punye article, loading lamer sgt,.wht ever,.moga jd ibu yg baik kpd iman,..jgn hangin2,,jgn luper, bila Iman da besar,..layan die cam kwn..respect her..hehhhe..saje..aku bc dr buku jer, experience tak de agii

Aku Memang BeGiNi said...

hopefully iman jd budak yg aktif, ramah selama2nya..hehhhe

My Lil' Princess, My Hubby, My World said...

Aminn...semoga doamu dimakbulkan...

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