Friday, April 23, 2010

What the Hell is that?!

Someone called me and ask bout my old rent house coz one of my ex-hozmet (at that time) going to take back her things. The bad thing she said is 'Budak2 ni nak wat rete ke barang2 aku?"...wah2 x sayang mulut. Anyway readers, actually one of my ex-hozmet too already told her bout' the things and asked her to collect em'. You know what, she did'nt come and collect em', even not ask my friend if she's moved already or not. Then the other batch come and rent that house. They're also called and asked that "kakak" to come and collect her things but she's still like before, not say anything. And now, she claim that the budak2 nk buat rete barang2 dia? Byk cantik. Who's don't care before? You yourself ok. Buat naik darah saya je pepagi. That woman loves if people praise her (melambung2 pun x per). But, this is the other one who not responsible (can be categorised).

2 Orang Membebel Kat Saya Di sini:

Aku Memang BeGiNi said...

swe,,swes,,swes, ko ckp aper tuh,..ex mate, ex sole mate, ex hsemate,,x men..hehheh

My Lil' Princess, My Hubby, My World said...

kegeraman melanda diriku...hentam sajala labu...

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