Friday, April 2, 2010

Tahlil Arwah Ma & Ayah

This is pics taken along the Tahlil event on 12th March 2010 and Mek Nah and Awe wedding ceremony on 13th March 2010.

 Journey to our hometown, luckily Iman tidur je in her new baby safety seat, so bolehlah saya relax skit. Release my arm.

Now she's wake up already n making face, 'that's not nice, girl'. Look at my face, it's getting tired already but I have to entertain this little princess to make sure she's ok.

This is at Iman's grandma house. Her cousin at in front (Nadiah), grandma (Tok Mek) and Abi. We sleep here before we go to Cik De's house for the Tahlil.

Kesian Mak Ngah, she's the one yg entertain this little princess until zzzz...very difficult to make her sleep coz she found few cousin (budak2 semua and she loves them).

Get's up at Asar time n tryin' to wake up her Abi...look how brave is she...lepas tangan & sengih2...
In this pic, from left is Amir...sorry I forgot the full name (Mak Teh's son), Nursamihah Atikah (Cik De's daughter), Aiman Billah (Mak Ngah's son), Amar...again sorry I forgot ur full name (Mak Ngah's son) and Azfar Nabil (Mak Teh's son).

What a busy time for Cik De during the tahlil time...tuan rumah la katakan...coz people keep asking her where is this, where is that? High class service, sis!!!

This is pic after Tahlil (can't snap pic during the Tahlil coz my phone leaved in room at that time).
Oh Abi, plz assist ur daughter coz i've many thing to do at the kitchen, ok!
How handsome Abi wearing songkok.

Abg Chik menjamu selera after tired being a waiter (kekeke...), good job, boy! But it's not a good habit eating while u watching TV, ok! Also in da pic is Ayah Ngah (so far da back), Pok Su and his daughter, Aida (in da black) and Samihah.

In the kitchen, the handsome boy (Aiman Billah in full set of Baju Melayu Biru) having his dinner with his kakak (Nurul Hidayah Asyiqin). Makan2, jgn malu2.

Also Mak Long and kakak (Nur Sayyidah Athirah, Cik De's daughter).

Now is watching time, before some of them back to their house. In this pic, Muhaimin or cartoon boy - coz he's speak KL even he lives in Klate (Cik De's son), Amir and Mok Su (looking at her grandchild's, her sister grandchild's actually).

' one realized that I'm standing here!' says Iman in cheerful mood.

A day after Tahlil night, we've attend wedding ceremony for Mek Nah & Awe (Abi's cousin & fiend). Unluckily, only this pic I've taken coz not much time to spent here. After that, Abi send his sisters back to Jerteh. In this pic is the bride, Awe@Rizal.

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