Friday, April 9, 2010

My Feeling Today

Not feeling well today, too much thing to do, to remember. Huh...bila la semua ni akan berakhir...tired already...seronok gak if  I'm a housewife, xyah pikir2 the other things to do.

Mention about dream...hmmm if I'm manage to have my own house, my own car...u'll know how satisfied am I. And also, nk pergi Mekah masa muda2 lagi mcm one of my friends. She's so lucky.

5 Orang Membebel Kat Saya Di sini:

My Lil' Princess, My Hubby, My World said...

Human being instinct never satisfied, but Thanks God for what I have today.

Anonymous said...

Bersyukur itu paling penting.

Sempoi View With Atie corner said...

yup, more dreaming,...more dreaming,...

kenwooi said...

we all have dreams =)

My Lil' Princess, My Hubby, My World said...

Hopefully dreams will drive us success. It's not a mistake to dream, but make sure it possible.

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