Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Today is anger day I thought coz pepagi lagi there are people who make me so angry. Mak ai, masa nk pinjam CP tu mulut manisnya, then bila dah siap guna, x reti2 nk return? Sampai aku gak kena follow up ngan dia and what make me more angry is she asked me to go and get the CP's by myself....wah3, banyak songeh muka you...dahla CP tu dia tinggalkan kt tmpt lain, x bgtau nama tempat tu, nama org yg aku kena jumpa pn x bgtau. Geramnyerrrr...

Some people today did not thankful as there are other people whom help em', assist em' until they done with their task. They're forgot that the earth is oval or can be said round. Sometimes u'll be at the top (u can laugh at that time), and sometime u'll be at the bottom (then I'll laugh to you). Once u at the top, u saw people as 'pencacai', then u'll do as what u want without thinking what the others felt. U're forget that the 'Pencacai' still have something which is 'doa' to pray so that Allah will help her.

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