Friday, December 18, 2009

Weekend 13th December 2009

Since we've went through a day without outing, so i made decision to follow my hubby to his friend wedding ceremony. Bring together my baby and nephew. It's not too far away, juz a few minutes from Tesco Ampang. The hall is beside the lake. Although the weather today a bit hot but the sunshine did not obstruct the event. Surrounding circumstances is juz nice and pleasant with gently blowing wind.

What a peace!!!

So this is the bride and bridegroom for the wedding ceremony today. We've met before and I know they're love each other. At that time, they was engaged. I can't remember the range period from their engagement to the wedding day.

The dishes and drinks served to guest also nice. Unfortunately, I can't take it so much coz my baby did'nt want to stay in her stroller. So I keep carry on her.

Once we enjoy the meals, the bride and bridegroom singing together at the 'Karaoke' site. Quite nice their voice.

And this is bridal dais.

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