Friday, December 4, 2009


Everybody have their child time. It is the time that we never thinking about problem. We just play around, laughing, playing, crying sometimes and feel happy for the most of time.

I’m born in a poor family with seven siblings. At that time, my father was a rubber tapper, while my mother sold fried banana and ‘Keropok Lekor’. Since I was child, I love to write. I can still remember that one day, I wrote something in ‘Buku Tiga Lima’ which is me myself didn’t understand what I’ve wrote. I just want to write such as adult write, every alphabet continuously. With all my focus, I didn’t realize that my action is watching by a woman who comes to my mother stall to buy the fried banana. She said to praise me “pandainya kakak menulis…cantiknya tulisan”. I’m so surprised. Who knows that actually I didn’t know even single alphabet at that time. So, is it my writing hand at the time can be considered as ‘write’? Wakakaka….

When I was in Tadika (6 years old), my cikgu asked me what is my ambitious? You know what is my answer to the cikgu? I said I want to working at factory like my sister. Why? Because I always saw my sister came back from factory bring together with her food (jajan/cekedis) and toys. That’s amazing and fun, I thought. As a child, I didn’t know that we have to achieve a maximum achievement, such as what other people think about ambition. For me (at that time), what you do (work) is what your ambitious before. That’s funny to remember back that I want to ‘kerja kilang’.

Before my brother born, I and my elder sister bet to have a different ‘adik’. She bet to have a boy ‘adik’, while I’m bet to have a girl ‘adik’. So, when my mom delivered a boy ‘adik’, I felt very frustrated. I think I don’t have to play with my elder sister anymore if I have a younger sister. It is because my elder sister always scolds me if I follow her to play. She and her friends ever asked me to sing a few songs as a condition before I can play together with them. I sing with full confident the songs that teaches by cikgu at Tadika. I stand in the middle of them and react like a singer, with a stick to be a microphone. So, that’s why I dreamed to have a younger sister because I’m bored to be a ‘bully victim’ by my own sister and her friends.

I’ll stop here and I promise to continue the story next time. Child world is a fun world. I’m missing my child time so much.

Gambar hiasan semata-mata.

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